Nominate a Recipient

Nominate yourself or someone else to become a recipient of Laced Hair Extensions at no charge. No matter what the cause, Laced Hair exists to help women suffering from hair loss, restoring their confidence and arming them with hope as they face whatever challenges come their way.


You can help support the Laced Hair Foundation through our annual Hair for Hope Gala, donations, sponsorships and more.

Volunteer Your Expertise

If you're a stylist with a heart to assist, we constantly welcome hands to help fit wigs for recipients or help style extensions for clip-in and tape-in recipients.

  • November 28th is a date etched in my memory...

    ...a day that altered the course of my life. Eight years ago, on this very day, I lay in a hospital bed in the neurology department, surrounded by a team of brain surgeons. The diagnosis hit me like no other – an inoperable brain tumor. I remember leaving the hospital and going Christmas shopping for my boys, thinking to myself, what can I give them that will be special if this is their last Christmas with me? Nothing came to mind (of course) so I left Target, sat in my car and cried. I looked at the mountains and the sky and they were more beautiful than I remembered. I snuggled my kids closer and tried to breathe in every little piece of them..

    Those of you who have known me and followed my journey know that my diagnosis evolved into multiple sclerosis. I had those same feelings overcome me with this new diagnosis. I also felt guilty that I knew I was going to live; then, I had thoughts like “wait, I thought it was just a tumor that could go away, not a potential disability.”.

    I feel compelled to tell you I'm not always strong; I didn't always have a positive attitude. But I am grateful for the reminder to hold tight to the positive things in life. Through all of my trials, I learned that life is freaking hard, but I can love HARDER. If I wouldn’t have experienced the fear of losing it all, I wouldn’t be able to love life and others as deeply as I do now..

    November 28th, my yearly wake-up call, now coincides with Giving Tuesday. It serves as a poignant reminder of life's greatness. A day to express gratitude, giving back, loving harder, and contributing where possible..

    The Laced Hair Foundation transcends its role in hair-related matters. It symbolizes a commitment to brighter days simply because I am still here. Your involvement in The Laced Hair Foundation each year reminds me that I CAN make a difference. And so can you. Together, WE can make a difference..

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I nominate myself or others?

Go to the Nominate a Recipient Tab on our website. Simply fill in the requested fields. You will be emailed a confirmation upon completion and our board will begin reviewing your nomination and get back to you within 7 business days with a decision.

Can you nominate yourself?

Yes! It takes a lot of courage to ask for help!

Why should I donate to the Laced Hair Foundation?

100% of all donations to the Laced Hair Foundation are used to offer hair to those suffering with hair loss. Laced Hair covers 100% of all administrative fees to run the Foundation, ensuring every penny of your donation goes directly to the cause.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes! The Laced Hair Foundation is a registered non-profit organization, making all donations tax deductible. Each donor receives a receipt upon completion of their donation and will receive a letter at the end of every year offering a summary of the donations made within the year to be used for accounting and tax purposes.